reetings Traveller! I am Zyalia, the crone - Bard of the DragonKindred. I am the keeper of tales, legends, bits of folklore and snippets of wisdom from ages past. Enter my realm and I will tell you a tale of the kindred, magic users, seers, human, dragon and immortal. Explore legends of the three realms, Earth, Sea and Sky, tales of lands far away and long ago.

Welcome to my home in the mythical village of Brambleton, in a faraway land across the sea. Here in the Forest the chill of autumn is in the air, there is a hint of wood smoke on the breeze and bright leaves of every colour adorn the trees. There is always room for another Seeker to stop and rest awhile at the Inn. The kettle is on, the larder is full and always there is a story or a song to take pleasure in. Feel free to help yourself to portions of wisdom and morsels of nonsense and learn the power of words.

Come in and visit for a spell. Leave your worries, your troubles and your weapons beyond my threshold and enter. There is a fine oak log blazing on the hearth in the common room and the kettle is on the boil. Sit by the fire with me and I will tell you a tale....



Copyright 2001 by Trish Reynolds